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Whatever, Whenever, and Then Some.


Robovine Roboshow

New Works By  RY M. DECKER and NIKO ---Friday March 2nd - 7:00 PM



Works by Davis Parker and Friends 
February 2, 2018


Happy New Year!

No January show as always. But our meetings will resume on January 8th. 8pm.


Imperfect Suburbia – December First Friday

Featuring photography by Nolan Warner-Sullivan, Walter Mingledorff, Harrison Cribb, Anthony Lobo & Karli Owens. Poster design by Ryan Decker.
Friday, December 1 at 7 PM - 10 PM



The Nth Degree Gallery Annual Halloween Show

Duel show -- October 31st and November 3rd – 7pm

Artworks by the community, for the community

Costumes Encouraged




The Nth Degree Gallery Annual Halloween Show

Duel show -- October 31st and November 3rd – 7pm

Artworks by the community, for the community

Costumes Encouraged







The Recent Works of Sarah Parker

Spee|September 1st, 2017 | 7pm|

  Sarah Parker will be showing at the Nth Degree Gallery, Friday September 1st, 2017 starting at 7pm. Sarah will be exhibiting recent works which include flat works, mixed media and mixed metal jewelry. Sarah has been a member of the Nth Degree for four years and is also a recent graduate of the BFA program at Appalachian State University with a concentration in painting and metalsmithing. Her website is: www.sarahparkerstudios.com


Anthony J. Coffey

ShallowthingsArtist and Boone native, Anthony J. Coffey, will be showing his work for the first time outside of New York City in Boone at the Nthº Gallery. This show Shallow Things will take place on August 4th as part of the First Friday Boone Art Crawl. Coffey was born in Boone and received a Bachelor of Science from Appalachian State University in 1990, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Boston in 1993, and also completed an Art Foundation Program from the Cardiff School of Art, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom in 1988. Coffey currently lives and works in New York City as a professional artist.

The Nthº Gallery is honored to host this exclusive, one-night-only event and show. Please join us at the opening and reception, 7pm at the Nthº Gallery located at 683 West King Street.

Musings on 20 years


It all started with passionate conversations about what is art. We could not agree. The coffee was always warm but in constant need of refilling, and that made BeansTalk coffee shop (in downtown Boone, N.C.) a perfect place for art discussion. But we were looking for a place to work, to show ourselves and others like us, maybe a little better then the coffee shop walls. We started the Nth˚ never knowing what would happen next.

Art is every other emotion outside the norm, not to mention the inside. It is nested in the construct of love and the necessity of hope; things that can not be calculated to a sum. There is no definition, no law, no rule, no number that sums up art. It is an nth degree. It has been, and will be, because it is needed so desperately to never be solved.

These walls have shown works by Students, Retirees, Professors, and Transients. We have tried to avoid becoming too cool, collected, or institutional for the average and amazing artist not to find a place on them. These walls have held anguish and pride, unapologetic angst and unprecedented hope. It has been my privilege to recover the walls every month, and to witness the great, and not so great, in motion. I thank them.

Members have come and gone in quiet and spectacular fashion. Some stayed awhile and learned the very best of things by helping strangers express themselves through art for the first time in a gallery setting. Some members made their own way to places like Penland, various art schools, art communities, and even international show settings. Most followed the next progression in their lives with a little more understanding. Regardless of who they were, who they became, I believe they grew from being at the Nth, and learned something that will be in their better hearts forever.

Even though I have made art while working on building the Nth, my twenty year art project has been keeping an underground art galley going. The Nth is more than a place you discover, it is a place you already know, in the wonder beneath your doubt – or something like that. Just can't put my finger on it.

We hope to continue this intangible undertaking regardless of who supports us, but we are much better with a little help from our friends, people who know the value of “whatever, whenever and then some.” I'm not sure what will happen next, for me, for the Nth. But then... I never have.

Brian Lee`~
A Founding member of the Nth Degree Gallery & Studios