Nth Degree Gallery & Studios


Meet all of the hooligans of the Nth Degreeeeeee.

.Brian Lee: The sole remaining founding member of the above-ground underground art gallery that opened in 1997, Lee has delighted in helping to present the works of artists throughout the High Country. Lee works in oils, acrylics, and sculpts in many different materials.




.Tommy Lee McGee
Who am I? I was born Tommy Lee McGee 3rd. Sir Tom Foolery is the character I play in this paradox we call "reality". I am an ecstatic, when it comes to interpreting the world through art and spoken word. Sir Tom Foolery is my voice, reporting on whatever is relevant at the moment. As an artist, the works and concepts I create, I share with you. Hopefully they will challenge, inspire and encourage perspective about whats going on around us.



.Lindsey Willis



.Cheryl Zibisky

Cheryl Zibisky uses alternative processes photography to reveal concepts about memory, loss and time. Zibisky earned her MFA in Photography in January 2017 from New Hampshire Institute of Art. She is a Lecturer in the Commercial Photography Program at Appalachian State University and works as a commercial photographer in addition to her artistic practice. Her work has been exhibited in approximately 15 group shows and one solo show. Her commercial work has been published in over 20 different national magazines as well as a handful of local and regional publications. In October 2016, one of her images was featured on the cover of Southern Living. Recent work has been shown in "The Garden Variety”, First Light Gallery in Louisville, KY, "Art Through the Lens International Juried Photography Exhibition" at The Yeiser Art Center in Paducah, KY, "Center Forward" at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO and "New River Art Biennial 2017" (Honorable Mention received) at the Floyd Center for the Arts in Floyd, VA.

Her fine art work can be viewed at: http://cherylzibisky.wixsite.com/artist



.Emma Kimbrough 

I live in a body that aches as it pleases, burns as it pleases, speaks in a dialect that I can almost make out but will never comprehend. I live with an iatrogenic disease that leaves me in constant pain that I wake up to and fall asleep to. Despite being sick for over two years, I am in limbo between apathy, being accustomed to the aching, and a state of awe at the things my body makes me feel. Simultaneous relief and pain come from making objects that are as disgusting as I am, objects that are foul to the touch but enticing, enough that your fingers linger a moment longer. They have no narrative, just words of desperate discomfort and repellent textures. These objects, books and scrolls, are relics that saved me from isolation, but I do not want you to enjoy them. Pages made of gauze are not to bandage your own wounds, as they have already been removed from mine - they are sticky, they are stained, and they reek of resignation. I make these objects as I feel them in my bones and on my skin: they are the dirt beneath my fingernails.


.Annalise Nelson


.Christopher Santiago


Former Members



.Sarah Parker is a mixed media artist. Her work often integrates materials both found and fabricated. From plastics to metals to various fibers her work explores themes such as: loss of innocence, broken family dynamics, as well as Appalachian/Southern U.S. cultural themes. In an attempt to reorganize the intrinsic meanings associated with each material, her work gives new life and character to what may not immediately be recognized as the average house hold object it once was.



.Jamie Goodman


is an enviro-journalist-graphic-design geek by day and a mixed-media photographer and poet by moonlight. She has been a member of the Nth˚ since 2000. Past solo and dual exhibitions include "Lady X: Beauty, Womanhood and the Art of Self-Perception," "Boone As I See It," "Lifelines," and "Fact and Fiction," and her poetry has been published in numerous underground 'zines that probably don't exist anymore. Visit the mild ramblings of her brain at stayscrunchyinmilk.com.



.Gena Murfin


.Tyler Morgan


.Nick Osetek




.Emily Smith received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics in 2013 from Appalachian State University. Working with primarily earthenware, Smith’s abstract sculptures deal with the human body and the struggles humanity faces.  She has been a member of the Nth Gallery since August 2014 and is excited about her future here at the Nth.


.Jonathan David Smith

.Jonathan Ryan graduated from ASU's Art Department in 2008 and has been working in the Nth Gallery since. Jonathan works abstractly in acrylic paint and has shown all over Boone, NC. He helps out around the Nth hanging shows and shamelessly plugging exhibits. You can see some of his work here.



.Michael Allen

.Rachel BallardRachel Ballard received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Appalachian State University in 2011. Upon graduation, she has served as studio assistants to artists Lisa Clague, Beth Cavener Stichter and Cristina Cordova.  Her figurative ceramic work was selected for juried exhibition during the 2012 NCECA conference where she was the recipient of the Retired Professors Award. She continues to show her work nationwide.  Rachel has been a member of the Nth Degree Gallery and Studios since November 2012, where she continues to make her work. Visit her website here.



.Joe_BigleyJoe Bigley
After receiving a MFA from Alfred University in 2008, Bigley has taught at the university level and lived abroad. His work has been exhibited across the U.S. and Internationally, including China and Spain.



.Josiah Cameron


.Katie Boyette


.Jaclyn Bowie is a multi-media artist and has performed solo and with other artists throughout Boone, NC. She graduated from Appalachian State in 2011 and has since been thrilled to be an active member of Nth Degree Gallery and Studios. She is currently working on an installation and performance to be exhibited at the Turchin Center as a part of the Reflections on Costa Rica show opening April 6th, 2012. You can see her work here.



.Jenny Barron is a concept artist experimenting with a variety of media within the areas of sculpture, performance, and fiber work. 


.Sallie Oliver